Tips On Storing And Using Flammable Glue.

Glue IrelandSafer glue usage.

Solvent based glue consists of resin’s dissolved in a single solvent, or more commonly a mixture of solvents. Upon opening a tin of solvent based glue, solvent vapours are immediately released.

The faster a glue solvent evaporates, the lower will be its flash point (the flash point is defined as the lowest temperature at which the glue gives off sufficient vapours, to form a flammable mixture with air).

So what does this mean in practice? Even if the ambient temperature of your workshop is well below the flash point of the solvent within the adhesive, there is still a fire risk. If the adhesive which you have purchased from us, has a CLP ‘flammable’ label upon the tin, specifically with respect to flammability, great care must be taken in the use of the product.

Firstly of all, lets look at what the CPL Regulations are. The CLP Regulations (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) is a European Union (EU) Regulation, the aim of which is to align the European Union system for the classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances with the Globally Harmonised System (GHS). The CPL Regulations are designed to facilitate & increase the global trade and the overall harmonised communication of the hazard information on chemicals and to promote regulatory efficiency. The regulations incorporate the classification criteria and labelling rules agreed both at UN level and GHS level. If you are using a glue with a CLP flammability label, the below considerations must be studied.

Before we look at practical safety measures, lets us briefly discuss the storage of solvent based glues. Irrespective of their flammability, all solvent-based glues must be stored in a cool location, away from any sources of ignition. Bulk storage is preferable in a location external to the factory. There are several manufacturers of storage cabinets and their advice should be sought.

It is good practice to store within the factory, only enough adhesive for that days production.

In using flammable adhesives, it is vitally important that no hot work, such as welding or brazing, takes place near the area in which solvent based glues are being used.

Sparks, such as those which may emanate from electric motors, switches etc., should not be allowed in the vicinity of areas where solvent based glue are being used. Other operations, such as grinding or any other process which generates sparks, must be avoided. All electrical fittings must be explosion proof.

Good, well maintained ventilation must be in place. This avoids the build-up of solvent vapours which if allowed to build up, will cause both severe health and explosion hazard. The professional advice of manufacturers or suppliers of such equipment should be sought.

These tips are in no way exhaustive. The Material Safety Data Sheet for the glue must always be studied in advance of the glue being used and if any doubt exists, the advice of our Technical Department should be sought.