Need A New Glue Supplier?

Glue Supplier Ireland

Time to change your glue supplier?

As the best known glue company in Ireland, the range of applications for our glue, sealants and speciality chemicals never surprises us! This week was no different. What distinguishes this week from others, was the number of customer visits undertaken, and the customer request not just for a different glue….but for a different glue supplier!

Given the importance of industrial glues in todays manufacturing environment, I am still surprised at the degree of technical service which customers are receiving from their current suppliers. The common piece of advice appears to be ‘go onto our website and look at the data’.

We never take our customers for granted. Our ability to respond to both safety and technical enquiries, forms one of the pillars or our business. For safety advice, we respond immediately. For technical advice, we respond within an hour….often less.

As Ireland’s leading research based manufacturer and distributor of industrial glues, we put pride and professionalism into our customer contacts.

Are you getting this from your current glue or sealant supplier? If the answer is a firm ‘no’, it may be time for you changed your glue supplier?

We welcome your contact!