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Ireland has a very large glue user sector. For decades, most glue sales were through non-technical distributors. A customer would receive three bottles of glue and asked to pick the glue which he thinks, will be good for the manufacturing job at hand. Box shifters to boot!

Here at W.I Polymers, we have completely redesigned this philosophy. We don’t hand out samples……we do all of the laboratory test work with your materials. We present you with a full technical report.

Our scientists will visit you, and in a non technical manner, explain the optimum way to glue your materials. In other works, we have the skill and expertise to apply science to your adhesive problems and with decades of adhesive and materials science, we are at the forefront of adhesion science.

What do we offer the manufacturing sector?

  • Expertise: 35 years of national and international expertise, not to mention 11 patents is testament to our expertise and skill to resolve your manufacturing problems.
  • Bespoke Laboratories: We operate three laboratories at our Dublin manufacturing plant.
  • Product Range: We manufacture a very wide range or waterbased and solvent free technologies. We also represent
  • Quality: each and every product is formulated within a quality system.
  • Delivery:From you Dublin and Cork warehouses, we supply nationwide next day.
  • Partnership: From idea to full scale production, our team are with you all of the way.
  • Service: By combining these factors, we are now recognised as the ‘go-to’ experts in all adhesive and sealant applications.

By having to make one call, receiving one order and receiving one invoice, we will cut your administration costs

Having one supplier for all your adhesive, sealant and tape needs, gives you access to the one source with unlimited expertise and solutions to your manufacturing needs.