Innovative Construction Sealants.

Glue Ireland

How to make construction joints waterproof, is a regularly discussed topic within the construction sector.

The combination of the diversity of applications from basement to roof and the performance expectations required from the sealant, makes specifying the correct sealant, critical to the success of a construction project.

High quality sealants are becoming increasingly important in many applications and it is within the specification and supply of industrial sealants, that we have become very well known.

Based on unique technology, these hybrid polymers are the key to innovative sealants. they are all one-component end products do not require classification as hazardous substances and adhere to most substrates without pretreatment. They can be applied by gun, roller, brush or airless sprayer – so craftsmen can work as normal.

Due to their moisture-curing properties, they can be processed in all kinds of weather – even on cold, wet days and on damp substrates.

Curing results in a tack-free waterproofing membrane that is rainproof in no time and features good mechanical strength and excellent resistance to chemicals. Furthermore, it bridges cracks and is watertight, yet permits diffusion.

Thanks to their unique property profile, the hybrid waterproofing products can be used in a variety of applications, e.g.:

  • Waterproofing for balconies, patios and flat roofs.
  • Horizontal under-tile waterproofing.
  • Moisture barrier under floor screeds.
  • Horizontal waterproofing coating to provide resistance to internally or externally pressing water.
  • Sealants for horizontal expansion and movement joints.

Irrespective of your application, we have decades of technical advice and stock Ireland’s widest range of construction sealants, delivered anywhere in Ireland, where and when you need them.