Why Use Threadlockers?

Threadlocker Glue

What does threadlocker glue do?

I am often asked about the benefits which threadlocker glue offers over traditional mechanical locking devices, after all, seals and washers have been around for many hundreds of years!!

Before we answer this question, first let us ask ‘what is a threadlocker’? A threadlocker glue is a single component glue which is designed to bond threaded fasteners, such as nuts, screws and studs etc. When applied to a metallic surface and in the absence of air, they fill the mating treads and cure to a solid glue film.

They are available in a range of strengths, from low to very high. Low strength threadlockers being used in applications where regular disassembly of the components is required, or medium and high strength being used in applications where disassembly will not be required.

So in what applications are they used? Threadlockers are used to prevent the loosening of threaded fasteners, when they are exposed to vibration or mechanical loads. They prevent unwanted movement in threaded components, prevent corrosion and finally when used with threaded hydraulic fittings, prevent joint leaks occurring.

Finally, those benefits, and indeed there are many! Most companies use a variety of thread sizes which necessitates stocking a large range of seals and washers, threadlocker glues are suitable for all thread sizes. They are all single component glues so no mixing. They are all exceptionally easy to use and we have the skill to match the threadlocker to your application.

They are available from us in a range of pack sizes, from 10g bottles to 1 kg containers, all available from stock, when and where you need them.

For all of your threadlocker glue requirements, speak with our Technical Service Department today!