Gluing Tungsten Metal With Epoxy Resin.

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Bright ideas for gluing Tungsten

Looking for the right metal glue for Tungsten? No matter the application is, our chemist’s and engineer’s have all you need for any tungsten or tungsten alloy gluing job!

First of all, lets learn a little about Tungsten.

Tungsten is an exceptionally hard, steel-grey metal. Like many metals, it is found in the form of ores, the primary sources being wolframite and sheelite. Of all metals in pure form, tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal, an amazing 3422 °C . Due to it’s hardness and exceptionally high melting point, Tungsten is mainly used in the production of hard materials based on tungsten carbide, which are used in high temperature applications.

Apart from it’s former widespread use in the manufacture of lamp filaments, heating elements, welding and certain aerospace applications, Tungsten alloy is used as a counter weight in certain automotive applications. It is within these applications, that Tungsten is glued.

Using Scigrip SG6005 epoxy resin, our chemists have recently developed a process, for gluing Tungsten and it’s alloys. For gluing Tungsten to itself, the following process has been shown to offer the optimum strength.

  • Solvent wipe the Tungsten surface with our X320.
  • Abrade the surface with P200 abrasive paper and again solvent wipe with our X320.
  • Prime the surface with our X330 primer.
  • Apply Scigrip SG6005 adhesive to one side of the Tungsten.
  • Bring the parts together, leaving a 0.5 mm gap. Allow the Scigrip SG6005 to cure.

For certain applications, for example gluing Tungsten Carbide the following process has been found to offer the ultimate strength.

  • For five minutes, dip the parts in warm (30°C) concentrated HF etchant.
  • Rinse the parts in cold distilled water and allow to dry naturally.
  • Apply Scigrip SG6005 adhesive to one side of the Tungsten Carbide.
  • Bring the parts together, leaving a 0.1 mm gap. Allow the Scigrip SG6005  to cure.

Scigrip SG6005 is available from us in a 50 ml cartridge. We also stock the entire range of application guns, mixing nozzles and mixing nozzle tips.

For every metal gluing application under the sun, here at W.I Polymers, we have all of the bright ideas!