Focusing On Glue Innovation.

Glue Ireland

Innovative Glues.

Glue users all over Ireland count on us.

And because of this, we  are always engaged in a very wide range of projects, in various fields.

Notwithstanding our expertise in adhesive chemistry, our fields of study and development also extend to the study of materials, the study of different substrates , the study of different priming and pre-treatment techniques and finally, the design of the optimum bond joint design.

Our services to industry, go far beyond the manufacture and distribution of bespoke sealants, structural adhesive tapes and of course, adhesives.

We offer manufacturers the full turn-key service. From the selection of the manufacturing materials, to the design of the joint area. Our laboratories will also carry out the full range of mechanical testing, including tensile and peel tests. It is only at that stage that we can suggest an adhesive to meet your production needs.

Gluing will offer you a wealth of opportunities. It is after all, a very effective methods of making permanent connections. Gluing produces aesthetically clean looking parts, which are low weight. It will offer you benefits which you never thought were possible.

However, coming alongside the supply of the adhesive, must come the supply of bespoke technical service. There is no point in having one without the other. When you purchase our products, you are also purchasing decades of industrial experience. Regard it as an insurance policy!

Let us meet your gluing problems head-on.