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What are we currently doing for the manufacturing sector? How is our glue technology contributing towards better, more refined manufacturing?

Our industrial glues, mastic sealants and structural tapes are finding an ever increasing market. In many applications, solvent based adhesives which contain hazardous Toluene solvent, are being replaced safer alternatives. Our waterbased glues are finding increased usage in the woodworking, flooring and laminating sectors.

Our development laboratories and technical personnel are being increasingly called upon to develop specific glues for specific applications. We are being called upon to modify and optomise gluing processes. Many blue-chip European companies now solely rely on us for our expertise in the area of glues and materials.

To meet these market needs, what are we doing?

  • We are investing in new facilities. Our ‘Green Technology Centre’ will open in the fourth quarter.
  • We are developing new gluing processes. Working closely with University College Dublin, we are involved in several cutting edge projects, such as surface modification and alternative methods in cross-bonding materials.
  • We are developing new adhesive technology. Within the area of waterbased products, we have developed several unique products, the most recent of which is a fully biodegradable degreaser for use in the metal and composites bonding sector.
  • We are committed to your future. As Ireland’s only indigenous research based manufacturer and distributor of industrial adhesives, we are leading the way in providing customers with the most comprehensive range of products and the associated technical service.

To ensure the quickest response and the best expertise, our experts are always available to help you. Our goal is to help our customers drive value into their products by providing performance based solutions, including the best industrial adhesives, sealants and tapes!