Unique Brushable Contact Glue’s.

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Premium quality contact adhesives

There are many manufacturers of solvent based contact adhesives, ¬†but one company excels in product quality, product performance and product technology. That name is Alpha Adhesives. As Alpha Adhesives’ stockist in Ireland, we are increasingly specifying their contact adhesives in multitude of demanding applications.

Within the Alpha Adhesive’s range come Alpha S708 and Alpha S758. Both of these products are heavy, golden brown resin solutions of brushing viscosity. S708 is the lower viscosity¬†of the two and S758 has a slightly longer open joint time, and ideal candidate for those large gluing areas.

These adhesives were developed for a variety of gluing tasks. They are perfectly suitable for gluing rigid PVC, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate insulating foams, leather, chipboard, plywood and many metals.

Other materials which can be glued include Formica, Melamine and a range of laminated rigid plastics.

They are both well established in the automotive and coach building industries as multi-purpose body trim adhesives. Typical body trim and coach building operations for which these glues are suited include gluing door and fascia trim’s, roof headlining, parcel racks and glove compartments.

They are so multifunctional, they have also proved their versatility in the shop-fitting and bar-fitting trades and in the boat building, furniture and footwear industries, where they are widely used as multi-purpose adhesives. Both materials have excellent ageing resistance, really true champs.

Both of these adhesives are available from stock, in five litre tins. For immediate technical support, contact our Technical Department on 01-4573754.