Gluing GRP With Structural Glue.

Glue Ireland

Performance Glues.

High quality structural glues have a very important role in todays manufacturing environment. In particular, acrylic-based structural adhesives score points for conferring excellent adhesion on difficult substrates in addition to faster curing and flexibility.

The performance of a structural adhesive is determined by the permanence of the bond between the parts being glued. The adhesive must shrink very little as it cures, and it is in this particular property, that Scigrip Structural Adhesives excel.

Our laboratories had a recent enquiry from a manufacturer ofGlue Ireland underground GRP sewage tanks. They were looking for a non-sag structural adhesive, which would be suitable for bonding a GRP inspection hatch onto the top of the GRP tank.

Our chemists suggested Scigrip SG5000-40. This is a non-sag grade, which offered a working time of approximately 40 minutes and a fixture time of about one hour. Scigrip SG5000 adhesive displays the minimal of shrinkage during curing, thus speeding up processing time and ensuring a reliable bond.

As a technology leader in the chemical industry, Scigrip Structural Adhesives, combined with our technical skill and expertise, meet the day-to-day challenges of your business.

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