Gluing Nylon With Scigrip PPX5.

Nylon Glue

A Nylon glue enquiry

Nylon is an interesting material but as plastics go, not one which we frequently see in our laboratories.

We recently had an interesting application in which a food company were looking for an adhesive to bond Nylon pipe fittings, used to feed raw materials into mixing tanks. For these tasks, superglue is commonly (incorrectly) suggested, however given the possibility of exposure to water, it was ruled out at an early stage.

After structural testing, our engineers finally suggested Scigrip PPX5. This is a very interesting adhesive. Supplied in handy 50 ml cartridges, it is often the choice product in some tricky gluing applications.

Scigrip PPX5 is not an adhesive ‘one trick pony’! It has excellent adhesion to polyethylene (PE)¬†and polypropylene (PP), typically very difficult plastics to glue. PPX5 can also be used to cross bond many metals, including stainless steel and mild steel to both PE and PP.

But don’t take my word for it. Contact our laboratories and find out more about what Scigrip PPX5 can do for you.