Tips On Gluing Acetal Plastic.

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Looking to glue Acetal plastic?

Acetal….which is chemically known as Polyoxymethylene (POM), is a semi-crystalline copolymer plastic. First developed in the mid 1950’s, Acetal plastic is extremely stiff and dimensionally stable. It has very low water absorbance, abrasion resistance and very high electrical resistance.

The high rigidity and surface hardness of Acetal plastic , enables it to be machined into a variety of forms, including rods, gears, rollers and a variety of bearing types. Machined component parts display a perfectly smooth finish and they find very extensive use in the automotive sector. Since Acetal plastic is food safe and can be steam cleaned.

Unfortunately, Acetal plastic is known to be sot so fond of being glues and is regarded as a ‘troublesome plastic’. For gluing Acetal plastic to itself of cross-bonding it with other plastic or metals, our chemists and materials engineers, have a wide range of adhesive options to meet your Acetal plastic gluing needs.

Within our product range, we have a range of both single part and two part glues, which have shown excellent adhesion to Acetal plastic. Depending on your exact application, we will specify an adhesive which will meet your production and part service life needs.

Being at the forefront of the provision of quality adhesives and adhesive solutions, manufactures all over the world turn to us to solve their gluing issues.

Let our materials and glue expertise work for you.