An Interesting Metal Glue Inquiry.

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Every week our laboratories receive an enquiry from some manufacture with a metal gluing enquiry.

This week was no different!

A multinational manufacturer of medical instruments contacted us, looking for an adhesive to glue a coiled spring made from Invar metal, into a polycarbonate housing on a CD drive.

It was the first time that our engineers had come across an Invar gluing challenge, but it was a challenge that we were interested in. But first, what is Invar?

Invar is an iron-nickel alloy (typically 64% iron and 36% nickel), which offers an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). One of the key properties of Invar is its superior dimensional stability under varying temperature conditions. It is mainly used in precision instruments and in various industries, such as in the manufacture of lasers, precision weighing machines and temperature regulators.

How did our laboratories help this customer? We had limited Invar samples with which we could do our laboratory testing, however, we found a way to test the strength of our adhesives.

From an Invar spring, our workshop cut the spring into 20 mm long strips. Using customer supplied polycarbonate, we prepared test bonds using two adhesives, Scigrip EX6000 and Scigrip SG55.

While both adhesives gave excellent adhesion, due to its non-drip characteristics, the Scigrip EX6000 was written into the customers manufacturing specification.

This is just one of a number of glue applications which our laboratories handled this week. We are the leaders in adhesive chemistry and application. Let us offer you a ready-to-use solution to your gluing problems.