The Advantages of Glue?

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Throughout my 30 year career as an adhesive chemist, I have always been asked about the advantages of adhesive bonding, perhaps as if one was being challenged with the question ‘do adhesives actually work’!

The truth of the matter is, that adhesives have been used for thousands of years. From the earliest fully ‘organic’ adhesives, to todays high-tech adhesives, used in the medical, transport and construction sectors, adhesives prove their worth in thousands of applications, by millions of customers, all over the world. So what are the advantages of using adhesives, to glue things together? Well there are many…there are also a few limitations, which the Glue Guru is unafraid to point out!

Some of the advantages first:

Glues are able to attach materials with totally different properties. For example, they can bond metals to plastics, plastics to glass, glass to rubber and rubber to composite materials. In fact, adhesives can bond most things to each other!

Glues offer very economical assembly. Typically, there is no investment in expensive process tooling.

Glues allow for the homogeneous distribution of mechanical loads, such as stress and strain. In other words, unlike welding or nuts and bolts (which give localised attachment points), glues can give total surface contact.

Apart from the fact that glued parts are lighter than their mechanically fixed counterparts, they can look aesthetically better too!

There are limitations.

Chief among them is the selection of the glue. If the use of glue is being considered, expert advice should be sought. If you are considering the use of glue, the expertise of our chemists and engineers, should be sought.

Notwithstanding the exact nature of the parts, for example plastic, metal etc, the gluing process needs to be fully thought out and implemented in full. A deviation from the process, can and commonly will lead to issues.

Don’t be afraid to use glue.

For all aspects of gluing, our technical resources are always available to you. From product conception, design and full production, our adhesives expertise. Don’t be afraid to use glue.

The Glue Guru.