A Problem With The Glue?

Glue IrelandIs it OK to apply glue to rust…….?

It is not often that our laboratories receive a customer complaint, but this week, we received an unusual complaint….the glue would not stick to the metal.

Attached is a picture of the surface onto which the glue was being applied!

Needless to say, this was an easy fix, but, we must always remember, the strength of any adhesive is sealant, is only as good as the surface onto which it is applied.

We should always remember that at a minimum, you must have a clean and dry surface on which to apply your adhesive!

Remove as many surface contaminants as possible from the bond area, including dust, dirt, and grease.

For delicate surfaces, such as plastics, and certain metals such as Galvaneel, Zintec etc, clean off as much as practical, especially any loose particles or surface films. If you use detergents or liquids to clean the surface, make sure the surface is dry and void of trace cleaners before applying adhesive.

The next step you can do is degreasing the surface. Degreasing is removing all traces of oil and grease (even relatively clean surfaces have oils from fingerprints). Depending on the surface to be cleaned, we have developed a range of cleaning materials, to suit all applications. Our X320 is one of Ireland’s leading industrial degreasers but we have many to choose from.

Use a lint free cloth to clean the surface, changing the face of the lint free cloth after every pass.

For the strongest and most durable bonds possible, we always recommend abrading. Abrading a surface gets rid of surface films, mill scale, and oxides and also gives a much better area for the adhesive to “grip.” Use fine grain sand paper (120-200 grit), emery cloth, steel wool, or grit blasting.

Abrade enough just to clean and roughen the surface. After  abrasion treatment, remember to remove all loose particles before applying adhesive. Brush the surface or blow with compressed air, and then degrease to clear away all loose particles and residual oils.

Don’t forget, many metals start to rust immediately after the abrasion treatment, so abrade, solvent wipe and glue, in one continuous step.

As Ireland’s only indigenous research based manufacturer and distributor of industrial adhesives and sealants, we  offer on the spot advice to meet your gluing and sealing needs.