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Industrial Glue Ireland

Composite glue solutions

The more complex the requirements, the more important it is to find a comprehensive glue supplier.

This is particularly true of such innovative sectors as the composites industry.

Here at W.I Polymers, we have pooled the expertise and resources of a number of structural adhesive manufacturers, to offer the composites sector Ireland’s widest range of adhesives for a wide range of composite gluing applications.

We have developed a functional network of expertise, with clear added value, from the design of your product to mass production, our ideas, innovative solutions and specialist know-how, will put you in the lead.

As an example, depending on the requirements of the end product, thermoset materials are processed in different ways, in open or closed molds, at high or low temperatures. Your optimisation of this process is critical to success.

The selection of the right adhesive for thermoset bonding is as critical to the overall manufacturing process.

Our technologists work with you, from design concepts to mass production, the technical resources of our business are always available to you.