Airflow 3 Mastic Sealant Gun.

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As the best known supplier in Ireland of mastic sealant guns, we are regularly asked by our customers, to supply from our range of Cox mastic sealant guns.

When it comes to applying mastic sealant, the choice (and quality) of sealant guns is bewildering.

Broadly speaking, we may divide mastic sealant guns into either manual use guns or pneumatic guns.

While the manual gun may be used in very light industrial applications, or in heavy duty applications where the use of a pneumatic gun, due to the trailing air-line, industrial customers typically use the pneumatic gun.

For the application of cartridge supplied sealant, the Cox Airflow 3 is hard to beat!

What benefits will the Cox Airflow 3 offer the industrial sealant applicator?

  • Suitable for use with cartridges of upto 310 ml volume.
  • Ergonomic design and weighs only 600g.
  • Easy to use pressure regulator.
  • Operates upto 6.8 bar

The Cox Airflow 3 is light and compact, so easy to use and with an accurate pressure regulator, and built-in silencer, it is a pleasure to use.

Don’t forget, we also stock a very wide range of ancillary tools, from specialty nozzles to application tools!

Contact our sealant specialist for further advice.