Gluing Rubber Agricultural Hose.

Rubber Glue

Hose repair made easy

As experts in specifying all types of glue and sealant for use in the agricultural sector, one area keeps our technicians very busy, is in specifying and supplying glues for repairing rubber covered agricultural hose.

Within the Irish agricultural sector, both rubber covered agricultural hose, and polyurethane agricultural hose, find extensive use in liquid manure and sludge injection systems, irrigation and sludge disposal and slurry handling.

One such hose manufacturer is Gollmer & Hummel GMBH. As a premium manufacturer of agricultural hose, their Hilcoflex Agro® rubber covered hose and Hilcoflex PU Drag® polyurethane multipurpose hose, can withstand continuous use in the toughest environments.

But what if a hole appears in these agricultural hoses? Can they be repaired and indeed if they can, what is the best way to repair them?

Here at W.I Polymers, we stock the entire range of glues to repair your Gollmer & Hummel agricultural hose. Irrespective of the amount of damage, our technicians will advise you of the optimum method for hose repair and send you our easy to use repair guide. These adhesives are easy to use. They are typically applied by brush, both to the hose repair area and the repair patch. After twenty-four hours, your agricultural hose is ready for work!

Contact our laboratories for immediate advice.

Hilcoflex Agro® & Hilcoflex PU Drag® are the registered trademark of Gollmer & Hummel GMBH.