Unique Coating Development.

Glue Ireland

Innovative research.

Some very interesting enquiries and applications in our laboratory….so what are we working on?

Speciality functional coatings have always been a major research interest. In one reactive research programme, a multinational appliance manufacturer asked us to develop a flame retardant insulation coating, for use in the manufacture of coffee machines.

Another customer asked us to develop a stain repellent coating for use on marble counter and kitchen tops. In both cases, our chemist’s did rise to the challenge, and developed unique coatings which offer a long term functional performance.

As in all areas of chemical research, proactive development work, while often times being a significant drain upon the laboratories research budget, do often pay dividends. Take for example the idea of developing a coating, which when applied to shower glass and shower tiling, would prevent water from sticking to the coated surface. We latched onto the idea and detailed developent work lead to some very effective formulations. More of this work will continue, but we know that we are on track to develop a very commercial product.

What does all of this mean? Quite simply, no area within the field of polymer chemistry is beyond our capability.

Let us solve your coating or adhesive problems!