E6005 Epoxy Glue.

Epoxy Glue Ireland

Super strength epoxy resin!

Are you tired looking around for a high quality epoxy resin?

Are you looking for an easy to use, super strength epoxy resin?

Then Scigrip E6005 is the no holds barred premium choice for a super strength industrial epoxy.

E6005 is a clear, non-yellowing epoxy glue which can join a huge array of different materials creating a high strength, water resistant bond.

Once cured, E6005 epoxy glue can be machined, sanded and even painted. E6005 is solvent free, but yet still provides a unique accelerated five minute cure system.

This epoxy glue is the first choice for both manufacture and repair applications alike. It has excellent adhesion to a range of materials such as fibreglass, composites, many plastic, wood, stone, ceramic and a range of metals. Once cured, this toughened adhesive can be machined.

Nozzle Working Time: 3-4 minutes.Fixture Time: 5 minutes. Typical Handling Strength: 10-12 Minutes. Functional Strength: 20-30 Minutes. Full Cure Time: 48 Hours. Temperature Resistance: -40°C to +80°C

In what applications can E6005 be used? This multi purpose epoxy glue is used in a myriad of industrial applications. For example, in the sign sector for gluing electrical components. In the automotive sector, for permanently gluing sensors of all types.

E6005 also finds use in the construction sector….that is in the construction of architectural models! Within the arts and crafts sector, E6005 is used in the manufacture and repair of musical instruments.

Allow the properties of E6005 work for you.

E6005 is available in 50 ml pack sizes as standard. Other pack sizes may be available. Please enquire for details.