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Are you looking for the best quality butyl  tape in Ireland?

Our butyl tape has been specially formulated to give the best flexibility, the best adhesion and best over versatility!

Our Butyl Sealant tape is available in a variety of widths and thickness and is designed mainly for metal building joints but it can also be used for wide variety of both construction and industrial applications because of its versatility and performance.

It shows excellent resistant to weathering, shrinking, cracking, and other performance issues usually seen with butyl sealant tapes.

In what applications can our butyl tape be used? In actual fact, our butyl tape sticks to an exceptionally wide range of common construction materials, including most metals, all painted surfaces, glass, concrete, granite, and all plastic surfaces .

Common construction applications include sealing window and door frames in marine applications, sealing joints in slurry tanks and water tanks, joint sealing in caravan and motor home manufacture and repair, sealing joints and gutters in prefabricated wall and roof panels  and finally in sealing gaps in concrete construction element.

Butyl tape is a real problem solving product!!

For the best quality butyl sealant tape available anywhere in Ireland, contact our sales office today.