Slurry Tank Repair.

Glue Ireland

Looking for a sealant for slurry tank repair?

Last week, we had a customer with such a requirement.

He had a cylindrical over ground animal slurry tank. The tank had a diameter of approximately 18 meters and was  constructed from three curved steel panels, which were bolted together. The sealant which was used to previously repair the tank, was obviously not up to the job and it was to us that he turned for help.

Our engineers suggested the single sealant which is hard to beat….U38.

U38 is an exterior grade adhesive/sealant of exceptionally high quality and based on our novel SPUR technology. The product has exceptional flexibility and adhesion to stainless steel, mild steel, case steel and most coated steels.

Throughout Ireland, the farming community have come to rely on U38. Not only is it the optimum product for sealing and gluing slurry tanks, it is also the excellent choice for sealing grain stores, feed silo’s and poultry sheds.

Our technologists have set themselves the goal of concentrating on system solutions. U38 forms part of a range of adhesive and sealant products, specifically designed for agricultural and horticultural applications.

System solutions from W.I Polymers: an innovative strategy for successful partnership with the agricultural industry-customer focus, flexible and efficient.