High Temperature Silicone Sealant.

Glue Ireland

A multifunctional silicone!

Looking for a high temperature silicone sealant and looking for the no-mess way to dispense it?

Scigrip RTV851 high performance silicone sealant, packed into the powercan, is the answer.

RTV851 is a new high temperature silicone gasket compound. It is designed to replace any type of pre-cut gasket. It strongly resists cracking and shrinkage and can be used as is, or used to dress any pre-cut paper or cork gaskets.

It has a heat resistance rating of upto 204ÂșC and cures rapidly. The ideal silicone sealant for use in automotive repair, machine servicing and a multitude or engineering applications.

RTV851 silicone is contained in a self dispensing can, the optimised way to apply thick, sticky and difficult to handle materials without waste or mess. The pressurised powercan allows for the adjustment of the silicone flow rate. It also allows application to vertical, horizontal or even upside-down application!

The ideal toolbox companion for the factory maintenance engineer or car repair shop.