Adhesives In Aerospace Applications.

Glue Ireland

What benefits do adhesives offer?

Within the aerospace sector, engineers are always looking at new designs and new materials, however, the choice of methods for joining these materials, may often be limited.

Over the past two decades, the use of composite in the aerospace sector, has grown rapidly. Among all joining methods, adhesive bonding has been shown to be the most efficient way to join composite materials, thus maximising the effective use of composites.

In an overall context, the advantages of using adhesives is very well understood. Adhesive bonding allows the aerospace component manufacturer to bond dissimilar materials, utilising the complete surface, thus improving the uniform distribution of any stress across the entire bonded area.

Another big advantage of adhesive bonding, is that it maintains the integrity of the materials, no holes for rivets or fasteners and hence no radial stress cracks. On the aesthetic side, no rivets means a cleaner design.

What adhesives do we sell for your aerospace gluing applications?

  • Methacrylate’s, are particularly effective in gluing metal and composites. They typically need very little in the way of surface preparation and are available in a range of cure times.
  • Modified methacrylate’s. These are excellent for gluing phenolic coated Kevlar and other such materials.
  • Epoxies are the choice for cross bonding metals to thermosetting plastics. They are very good at ‘wetting out’ a surface and ┬áhave excellent temperature resistance, high durability and low shrinkage.
  • Polyurethanes are the choice for thermoplastics. They often require some degree of surface preparation but once bonded, their flexible properties allow for exceptional adhesion to a range of materials

What services do our specialists offer the aerospace sector?

As Ireland’s only indigenous research based manufacturer and distributor ofGlue Ireland adhesives, we offer a tailored system to the aerospace sector.

Our laboratories, staffed by chemists, engineers and material scientist, and working with our manufacturing partners, will devise the optimum bonding system to meet your requirements.

You may be assured that all communication and technical work, is undertaken within a confidential framework.

We offer full support, from idea inception to approved use, we will be with you all of the way.