Silicone For Electronic Applications.

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Bespoke Silicone Resins

Room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone resins are now an indispensable range of products which find use in coating, bonding, sealing and potting applications and it is within potting that we have made significant technological progress.

Potting is a method of either partially or completely covering electronic circuits, components or power modules with resin. The resin has two main functions. Firstly, it protects the components from the influence of shock and vibration. These resins also protect delicate components from the effect of water, corrosive atmospheres and dirt.

There are various types of potting resin chemistries, however for ease of use and ultimate component protection, our silicone chemistry excels.

Unlike conventional polyurethanes, which can be prone to attack by water, silicones offer many advantages in potting applications. First of which is their excellent temperature resistance (ranging from -85°C to +180°C continuous). They are available in a range of viscosities, which aids in manual mixing of small volumes. A choice of viscosities also allows us to develop systems to suit the component design and proposed application method. In addition, our silicone potting chemistry offers a range of options such as….

  • Available in a range hardness, from soft to exceptionally hard.
  • They are available in a range of colours.
  • Dielectric strength ranging from 16 kV/mm to 23 kV/mm.
  • Dielectric constant ranging from 2.8 ε to 6.1 ε.
  • Thermal conductivity ranging from 0.2 W/m K to 1.1 W/m K.
  • Some systems can be made electrically insulating or conductive.
  • Some systems can be made electrically insulating but thermally conductive.

Our potting silicones are available in a range of pack sizes, typically starting from a 2kg kit. Via our commercial equipment partner, we can specify the correct type of application equipment, ranging from small desk top dispensers to large automated dispenser units. We offer the full solution to your electronics applications.

Today, development engineers rely on our silicone potting technology. Our product range and expert formulation technology enable us to offer a vast range of silicone potting options to fulfil even the most demanding applications.