Automotive Composite Glue.

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Glue For Composite Bonding

In today’s global manufacturing environment, composite engineering is one of the most important and fastest growing disciplines. Composite materials offer many advantages, not only to weight reduction and a resulting decrease in fuel consumption, but also in regardĀ  to design freedom. Designers can create profiles that cannot easily be fabricated from metal. Composite materials also offer significant cost saving benefits, especially in low volume part manufacturing.

In many cases, the use of automotive composite materials has alsoGlue Ireland necessitated the use of adhesives. Adhesives for composite bonding applications do require careful selection.

An adhesive which may appear to perform well in laboratory studies, may undergo drastic failure when used in serial production. Our chemists, engineers and material scientists, have the team ability to understand the adhesive chemistry, the specific properties of the composite being bonded, the bonding process and required performance specifications for the final bonded parts.

For automotive composite bonding applications, Scigrip Structural Adhesives are one of the worlds most innovative manufacturers of adhesives for composite applications. Scigrip have developed a range of structural primerless adhesives, with proven exceptional adhesion to a wide range of composites. These adhesives are available in a range of working times and cure times, thus enabling our engineers to optomise the grade to suit your cycle times.

From surface preparation to the bonding process itself, our experts will work with you, designing the bonding process to meet your manufacturing needs. Using our research facilities, we can undertake a range of structural tests on your bonded materials.

Scigrip and W.I Polymers, the winning team for all aspects of plastic and composite bonding. One adhesive source, superior results every time.

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