Polyurethane Glues For Film Applications

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Polyurethane Glue’s

Polyurethane glue is a well known type of product and it finds its use in a variety of applications.

Within the furniture sector, there has been an increase in demand for robust alternatives to solid wood surfaces, for a variety of applications. In particular for kitchen and bathroom furniture, it is now common to laminate hard fibreboard with a decorative plastic film, and it is for this application, that our polyurethane glues are finding an ever broader customer base.

The backing surface is typically MDF, onto which a variety of profiles can be milled. The MDF is typically covered with a decorative film, such as PVC, ABS or PET. In a production process, the MDF is milled, vacuum dusted and then sprayed with a waterbased adhesive. Usually, the outer edges of the MDF is pre-sprayed in order to seal the pores. The adhesive consumption is typically 80 to 100g/m². The film wrapped boards are typically dried at room temperature.

The technical requirements which the adhesive must satisfy, are extremely high. The adhesive must be able to heat reactivate at approximately 80°C and remain firmly anchored to the MDF surface. Moreover, the adhesive must be free from undispersed particles, which would otherwise show through the thin decorative film.

As Ireland’s only manufacturer of odourless waterbased polyurethane adhesives for a whole range of laminating applications such as 3D furniture lamination and interior trim bonding in automotive applications, over the years, our chemist’s have developed a range of solvent free, waterbased adhesives which offer manufacturers a wide range of production advantages.

What benefits do our polyurethane adhesives give to you?

  • Excellent adhesion to PVC, ABS and PET.
  • Excellent spray and spread characteristics.
  • Low heat activation temperature.
  • Zero hazard in the workplace.

In the face of continued investment in research and development & application technology, W.I Polymers is considered the preferred supplier, to many well known lamination companies.