Gluing Nitinol Alloy.

Glue Ireland

A unique metal glue enquiry

Gluing any type of metal does not generally present a problem. Given the right surface preparation, there is a glue to suit most metal gluing applications.

The first week in January brought us an unusual application. A customer within the robotics manufacturing sector, was looking for an adhesive to bond an actuator made from Nitinol metal. An actuator is a type of motor, responsible for moving or controlling power to a robotic joint, but what is Nitinol?

Nitinol is a nickel/titanium metal alloy which is used in a range of medical and industrial applications. It is a unique metal in that it has shape memory and super-elasticity, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. Shape memory alloys like Nitinol, undergo a certain phase transformation, that allow it, under certain circumstances, to change  shape either under temperature or mechanical loading or unloading.

In our decades of adhesive and materials expertise, we had never had an enquiry about Nitinol but luckily enough, our potential customer could supply us with samples. Given that we thought that the Nitinol would require a complicated gluing process, the solution was simplicity in itself.

Here at W.I Polymers, we actively undertake the development of new adhesive technologies. Our enhanced industrial adhesives technology, combined with our in-depth materials knowledge, allows us to offer the right glue solution, on time…..every time.

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