What Is Glue Viscosity?

Glue IrelandWhat is glue viscosity?

Our Glue and Sealant products are used all over Ireland and as far afield as China, Russia and the USA.

In suggesting a glue for use, one of the most important properties of our products is how viscous they are…..their viscosity.

But what is viscosity? Viscosity is a commonly used technical word, used to describe how thick a liquid or paste is.

Most people within the adhesives and sealants industry are aware of viscosity and realize that it characterises the way a material will flow.

Technically speaking, the word viscosity refers to a material’s resistance to flow and it can be measured in various ways, the most common being centipoise (cPs).

One centipoise is equal to the viscosity of water. From this reference, all other viscosities can be derived. A product like honey would have a much higher viscosity of approximately 10,000 cPs and would flow much slower out of a tipped glass than water. Viscosity is also related to temperature. A standard, we measure viscosity a 20°C. Lower temperatures increase adhesive viscosity and higher temperatures decrease adhesive viscosity.

An evaluation of how the adhesive is being processed (how it is applied and at what factory or workshop temperature) is the basis for determining the type of product viscosity to offer.

From an adhesive viewpoint, viscosity is an exceptionally important adhesive property and in specifying an adhesive for a particular application, our chemists must decide quite early on, what is the optimum viscosity of the adhesive for a particular application……and here is why!

Suppose a customer is gluing steel bars onto a wall, we don’t want the glue to fall onto the floor! If we have a customer using a threadlocker, we have to make sure that the threadlocker has sufficiently low viscosity, to enable it to flow over fine threads, likewise, for course threads, we should use a higher viscosity threadlocker.

Many adhesives are applied by roller, spray or brush. Again, the selection of the adhesive will partly depend, on how the adhesive will be applied.

There are many aspects to the viscosity of industrial adhesives and sealants and within our research laboratories, we have decades of adhesive expertise in all aspects of adhesive and sealant specification.

We are Ireland’s only research based manufacturer of adhesives.

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