Glue For Electronics Manufacture.

Electronic Glue IrelandElectronic glue options

Glues for electronic applications are designed for the most demanding applications, where failure is not an option.

Over the years, our research chemists have developed a range of speciality adhesives and sealants, which find widespread use in a number of electronic applications.

In what applications would your find our adhesives? Well, they are commonly used in a range of OEM electronic. For example, they find very common use in ferrite bonding, die bonding, IR lens attachment, RFID bonding, thermal heat sink bonding and countless others practical applications.

Electronics Glue IrelandWhat do we have to offer? Our two component polyurethane glue products are characterised by excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, flexible operating range from -40 to 200C +.

From the Scigrip structural adhesives range, we offer the best and most well respected acrylic glues for gluing variable reluctance sensor, oxygen sensors ,used in the manufacture of Hypoxic Air Fire Prevention Systems and transducers which are used in the manufacture of Hall Effect Sensors.

If you are looking for the optimum electronics adhesives, we have a product that will meet your adhesive needs. Packaging options for many of our products, range form small 25 gram to cartridges of 50 ml, 400 ml and bulk. Whatever your packaging requirement, we can accommodate your needs.

We are always ready to meet your demands. Speak to one of our experts today.