Glue Ideas For Ireland

Glue IrelandFrom where do we get the glue idea?

Where do we get the ideas for new glues? If we look at three well known glue products, it was either through necessity or a spark of genius, that new adhesives were invented. If we first look at Superglue, it was invented in 1942 when Harry Coover, a chemist working for the Eastman Chemical Company, was working on an optically clear plastic for gun sights.

Hot melt glue, commonly sold as glue sticks, were invented in 1940 when Paul Cope, a chemist working for Procter & Gamble, was trying to find ways to prevent product packaging from opening when stored in hot and humid environments.

In the late 1960’s, Dr. Wolfgang Dierichs & Dr. Arpad Muszik developed the first cold glue stick. It all happened when Dr. Dierichs was on a business trip, and observed a women applying lipstick, the rest is history.

In modern adhesive research, the combination of the necessity and the spark of genius, helps us to develop new glues.¬†As Ireland’s only indigenous ,research based manufacturer and distributor of industrial adhesives, sealants, tapes and coatings, we always have a range of research projects on the go. As an example of our technical work, we have been able to offer a few ‘firsts’………

  • A pressure sensitive waterbased polyurethane adhesive for gluing textiles.
  • We have developed adhesive technology for use in the manufacture of laminates which are exposed to seawater.
  • Our coating technology has been used to manufacture microbe killing surfaces!
  • We have also developed platform technology for a new single component waterbased adhesive which was developed for use in gluing surfboard inlays and stringers.

Our expertise and a proven track record in polymer technology, play a key role in introduction of new and exciting products to the marketplace. Let us be your partner!