Why Should Glue Be Considered?

Glue IrelandWhy should you glue?

As the best known glue company in Ireland, we regularly carry out training courses. Many types of customers benefit from these courses, including potential customers, who currently do not use glue for bonding materials. The aim of this course was to illustrate the benefits of gluing, over traditional thermal bonding techniques.

What is thermal bonding? Thermal bonding is any process which uses heat in the bonding process. For example, the most well known thermal bonding techniques are welding, soldering, and brazing.

Thermal bonding has its negative aspects. In particular, it is only effective on homogeneous metal substrates with similar melting points. Thermal methods of assembly are very difficult to disassemble and can result in aesthetic concerns such as distortion and discoloration.

There are many advantages in using¬†glue compared to thermal bonding. Below, the Glue Guru has detailed his 10 reason’s why glue should be considered over thermal bonding…….

1. Glue covers a larger area whereas welded, soldered & brazed joints are effectively only localised contact points.

2. Glues come in a vast range of technologies and curing times. This allows them to be used in high speed assembly operations.

3. Since no heat is used, the parts bonded with glue, are not distorted or otherwise damaged.

4. There is far less clean-up after gluing, than with hot bonding techniques.

5. Glues can join dissimilar materials for example, metal to wood or metal to stone.

6. Glues afford the ability to precisely realign parts after initial connection.

7. Glues simplify assembly by replacing several fasteners with a single bond or by allowing several components to be joined in one operation and eliminating fasteners, thus lowering product weight.

8. They enable the use of thin materials, such as metals in thin sheet form.

9. The application of glues is very easily controllable.

10. With the correct training, no specialist skills are required in applying glue.

In gluing any material, it is important for our chemists to match the glue to the materials and the conditions which the glued part will be exposed to.

Our research chemists are experts in all areas of gluing. We have the ability to visit your factory and provide full training in glue application. Use our expertise to your advantage!