New Range of UV Cure Glue in Ireland

UV Glue Ireland

Scigrip UV Glue

We are pleased to introduce the range of Scigrip UV glue to the market in Ireland.

UV cure glue are typically used to bond clear materials, such as glass & plastic, both to themselves and other non transparent materials such as various metals and plastics.

UV glues provide optically clear bonds and are available in a range of viscosities, to suit specific application requirements. UV cure glues are used in an exceptionally wide range of applications, in particular, in the manufacture of display cases, gluing glass bevels to doors and windows and in the manufacture of glass furniture, decorative partitions & aquariums.

Why should you choose Scigrip UV cure glues and what benefits do they offer?

  • Single part adhesives… mixing required!
  • Grades are available in handy 50 ml or 250 ml bottles.
  • Available in a choice of viscosities to suit application requirements.
  • Cure on command, which facilitates the alignment of part’s.
  • Excellent structural strength .
  • High transparency and exceptional stability.

There are four UV cure adhesives in the Scigrip range. Each product designed with unique flow properties & the perfect choice for a whole range of applications.

  • UV 106. Designed for bonding plastics, it is ideal for rigid and flexible PVC’s in combination to polycarbonate where a flexible joint is required or the ability to gap fill up to 0.25mm.
  • UV 110. Low viscosity adhesive designed for gluing glass to glass and glass to metal. Suitable for gluing glass towers, lecterns, shelves. Also suitable for gluing metal handles & closers to doors. Providing a degree of flexibility and toughness to resist shock and give ultimate bond strength.
  • UV 150. Medium viscosity adhesive. Non-yellowing, clear adhesive primarily designed for glass bonding, although it will bond glass to a variety of metals and other materials. This product is also suitable as a medium viscosity  bevel adhesive.
  • UV 188. High viscosity structural bonding UV adhesive, designed to bond glass to glass, and glass to metals with a degree of flexibility and toughness to resist shock and give ultimate bond strength. Ideal choice for the gluing glass to steel pillars and in the manufacture of multi wall laminates.

Our Technical Services Laboratory will be pleased to advise on the correct type of UV lamps and we can advise on all aspects of UV gluing, from start to finish.