Gluing Titanium Metal

Gluing Titanium

Gluing Titanium

A few weeks ago, our laboratories received a very interesting enquiry. A major electronics company contacted us looking for an adhesive to glue Titanium metal to itself.

The Titanium metal formed the four corners of an impact resistant housing, into which was placed an electronics sensor (not shown in the accompanying photography, would be four Titanium  rods, which would connect the Titanium corner pieces together)

In itself, Titanium does not present a major gluing issue. The key criteria for the successful bonding of Titanium, lies in the challenge of correct surface preparation and in selecting the best adhesive for the application in hand.

Using our laboratories, and our indept knowledge of materials, surface chemistry and adhesives, we were able to offer the customer a bespoke solution for this Titanium gluing application.

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