How Much Glue to Use?

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How thick should the film of glue be?

As the best known glue company in Ireland, our glue experts are often asked….’how much glue to I use’? How thick should the glue film be?

The thickness of the film of glue (commonly referred to as the glue line thickness) is one of the most important factors to be considered in designing a glued joint, and insuring the sturdiness of the joint.

The performance of a glue depends on many factors, including the properties of the glue, the materials being bonded, the surface preparation of the materials, and the bond line thickness

For optimal adhesive performance in a glued joint, it is very important to have a uniform glue line thickness . Metal or plastic shim’s  can be used for keeping the bond line thickness uniform, and to prevent the glued parts from being clamped at too high a pressure. Generally, a thin glue line is preferred over a thick one, since the stress concentration at the corners of the joint is lesser in a thinner bond line.

In our extensive experience, the most commonly used glue line thicknesses, ranges from approximately about 0.5 mm  to 2.0  millimetres. For a completely flat gluing surfaces, a bond line thickness of 0.5 mm results in achieving optimal shear and tensile strength properties. Of course, some glues, such as solvent cements, do require intimate contact between the materials being glued, down to 0.01 mm!

It must always be noted that in order to avoid any movement of the materials being glued, they should be clamped (especially in unsupported joints) while the adhesive cures. This weight pressure must remain undisturbed until the handling strength is achieved.

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