New Insulation Glue Developed.

Glue IrelandProblem solving Glue for Ireland

What an exciting week we had. Several products and product applications whih we had been working on, came to fruition.

Novel insulation media occasionally come onto the market. Many of these materials have surface properties which repel liquids, thus making them problematic to stick to.

A newly developed thin film material was no different. Our chemists met the challenge head on and our DP518, a waterbased polyurethane hybrid adhesive in now entering pre-production bonding trials.

Why is DP518 so unique? It’s Europes first waterbased pressure sensitive polyurethane hybrid!

Some weks ago, our engineers were handed a challenging application, what to use to fill a seam in acetal plastic? The OEM had a design change which didn’t cater for the mould tooling. Using an existing product, applied in a unique method, solved the problem. The product can be sanded town and produces an almost imperceptable joint!

We received preliminary approval on our newly developed stone coating. The product can be applied to marble floors and worktops, and prevents any type of surface staining. More information to follow.

We are Ireland’s only indigineous research based manufacturer of adhesives and other chemical produts. Let out product’s work for you!