Styrofoam® Glue

Gluing Styrofoam

Used in Ireland for decades, but what is the best glue to use with Styrofoam?

Whether you are using Styrofoam as a building or structural material, you can depend on our Styrofoam glue to conform to your business’s production standards. We offer a range of glues, eminently suitable for gluing Styrofoam to itself, and other materials, such as plywood, MDF and GRP.

If you are gluing Styrofoam, what are the benefits which our glues bring to your  production environment?

  • Available in waterbased, solvent based, or solvent free formulations.
  • Very easy to apply using a brush, roller or spray system.
  • Excellent initial grab & high immediate bond strength.
  • They will bond  Styrofoam, to a wide variety of similar and dissimilar substrates.

For all Styrofoam gluing enquiries, and indeed all foam gluing applications, our technical service chemists are available to discuss all applications.

Styrofoam® is a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company