Gluing Solid Work Surfaces,

Gluing Corian

Gluing Corian®

Solid work surfaces such as Corian®, Hi-Macs® or Avontite® are very commonly used in Ireland, but what glue should be used and what is the best way to use the glue?

Before gluing any solid work surfaces, the surface preparation of the materials to be glued,is very important. Generally speaking, the first task is to sand the bond areas with 400-grit sandpaper. Following this, remove any dust with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the area with a lint free cloth which has been dampened with our T160 degreaser.

Next comes the choice of glue. Bonding the solid surface material to itself, requires the use of one class of adhesive, whereas bonding the solid surface material to wood or metal, requires the use of a different class of adhesive. Our technical department can advise on the optimum adhesive.

  • Either way, apply a thin layer of the selected adhesive to the areas to be bonded, spread the adhesive using a serrated spreader.
  • Press the two glued surfaces together, make sure that the parts are line up exactly as required.
  • Using vertical & horizontal fixtures, clamp the two surfaces together. It is important to maximise the clamp usage, by spreading them out as uniformly as possible. This will ensure equal pressure on the bonded parts. Do not be temped to remove adhesive which as oozed out. Wait until the glue has fully cured before cleanly removing it.
  • Leave the clamps on while the adhesive cures. Remove the clamps and sand off the excess joint adhesive. Start with 100-grit sandpaper, then use 150-grit and finally 200 grit. The job is done!!

Irrespective of the type of solid work surface, here at W.I Polymers, we have the complete range of both bonding adhesives &ancillary items.

Corian® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont)
Hi-Macs® is a registered trademark of LG Haysus
Avontite® is a registered trademark of Aristech Acrylics LLC.