Loudspeaker Glues and Sealants

Loudspeaker repair glue

Glues for loudspeaker repair.

When it comes to glues or sealants for loudspeaker manufacture or repair , we have the complete range of glues, adhesives and sealants for this application.

The key requirement are for glues for loudspeaker bonding, is flexibility. All of the key components in a loudspeaker (cone, coil, magnet and spider) are subjected to vibration when the speaker is in use, therefore, adhesives with the capability to main their strength is paramount. Here at W.I Polymers, we offer an innovative range of adhesives & sealants, which find widespread use in various speaker applications.

What are the benefits of using our adhesives in speaker repair or manufacture?

  • They remain flexible and will not crack due to vibration loadings.
  • They provide excellent shock and heat resistance.
  • They have excellent adhesion to the commonly used metals, rubbers and plastic materials.
  • These adhesives are available in a range of easy to use pack sizes.
  • Eminently suitable for both manual & automated application.

 As Irelands only indigenous research based manufacturer & distributor of industrial adhesives and sealants, we have a glue solution for most manufacturing requirements.