Is Using Glue a Gamble?

Glue IrelandUsing glue? Having problems with your supplier…..I bet you are. As Ireland’s best known manufacturer and distributor of glue, sealants and adhesives, our laboratories are regularly contacted by manufacturers needing the best glue advice available.

Unfortunately, many ‘distributors of sealants, glues and adhesives’ may know nothing about what they are selling.

For a particular application, they may suggest only what they have in stock. Everything goes smoothly until the customer changes the materials they are gluing, or the adhesives is causing a problem.

Quite simply, there are many types of glues and sealants available, but combined with the adhesive or sealant, the right technical advice is required.

At W.I Polymers, the core of our business is in the development & manufacture of a range of adhesives. We also act as master technical distributors for a handful of companies whose products are intimately known to our scientists.

Therefore, why contact a me-too distributor or a non-technical salesperson? Why go through the toil of receiving the incorrect product or the wrong advice? Our bonding & sealing solutions will keep you ahead, creating new benefits & meeting your performance demands. Take the gamble out of purchasing glue.

Contact our laboratories for the best glue advice.