Health & Safety Tips for Glue Users

Following the massive chemical explosion in China last week, the safe storage and usage of chemicals is under the spotlight yet again. Adhesives & sealants, while perhaps not thought of as chemicals, are indeed chemicals!

There are hundreds of different types of adhesives & sealants. Some contain solvents, some contain water and some, while containing neither water or solvent, do contain raw materials which are harmful or irritant.

Solvent based adhesives are typically made using solvents some of which are flammable. Other solvent based adhesives, while not containing flammable solvents, do contain toxic solvents. Still other adhesives may contain raw materials which may cause skin irritation.

In using any adhesive, care and attention should be taken at all times.

From an industrial aspect, most chemicals enter the body through inhalation of vapours. Below are listed several pertinent points, which apply not only to glues, but sealants and most other chemical products.

  • All glue’s must be stored in accordance with the information given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for the glue.
  • Make sure that the operator is aware of the contents of Material Safety Data Sheet. If in doubt, seek our advice before the¬†glue is used.
  • An eye wash bottle should be within easy reach of the work station where the glue is being applied.
  • It is important to avoid contact with the eyes and skin by wearing safety glasses and proper clothing, including gloves (if rubber gloves are worn, wear a cotton pair underneath).
  • Replace contaminated clothing promptly, and wash hands immediately following application.
  • Keep the work area tidy and never eat or drink while using glues or sealants.
  • Work in a well ventilated area and incorporate local extraction if required.
  • If glue’s are being sprayed, specialist advice should be sought on the correct extraction equipment.
  • Waste glue and empty glue containers should be disposed of in accordance with local Council Directives.

It is important to remember that all chemical products, including industrial glues or sealants, must be handled and stored correctly.

As Ireland’s leading research based manufacturer and distributor of industrial glues, our services go far beyond the supply of products. Our Chemist’s and Technologist’s are experts in the safe use, handling and storage of our entire product range.

Using the Emergency Phone Number shown on the products Material Safety Data Sheet, specialist advice is available 24/7.