An Interesting Glue Job!

As Irelands only research based manufacturer of glues, sealants and adhesives, we manufacture and supply a plethora of industrial adhesives, to hundreds of customers for thousands of applications. It is only rarely that our adhesives are actually seen, however, without them….things would just fall apart. Occasionally, our laboratory receives a phone call or an email, not from a company, but from a person. Typically a person with an item, a broken item, which may be close to them. Recently, Matt Sherlock contacted us. A glass table of sentimental value, was damaged. The application was simple, bonding a stainless steel fitting to the underside of a glass table. For this, our X110 was the choice. After degreasing both the steel and glass with X35 degreaser, three minutes of UV light gave us a structurally sound bond!

Matt sent us an email as follows……..

”I just wanted to take a few minutes to write you a quick note, to thank you profusely for the service you provided us recently. You went above and beyond our expectations and facilitated a quick remedy for what was a really frustrating & time consuming problem.

I spent a month trying to find a glue that would bond a metal leg to a glass table. Despite my best efforts (and that of a builder) in trying to source the best product to do the job, everything failed – 5 different products…and we were now 7 weeks without a family meal around the kitchen table!

I was about to reluctantly give in and spend even more money on buying a new table. The table was in perfect condition albeit missing a leg, so this was going against everything I believe in (I hate waste!).

With one phone call, you delivered a passionate explanation of what the problem was, why my table wouldn’t bond with other products and how I could fix it, which involved you giving up your own time to help us out.

We are genuinely very appreciative of your kind gesture and your professional service. Thank you for helping us out on this occasion and for fixing, what was a very frustrating problem for us.

I wish you and your team all the best for the future & you should be very proud of the service you provide & the delivery of your customer experience”.

Matt & Rebecca Sherlock

We like using our adhesives, and hundreds of customers as far afield as China, love using them too.