New Glue Test Equipment

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New Glue Test Equipment

The best known glue company in Ireland has just got bigger!

W.I Polymers Test Laboratory are pleased to announce the commissioning of a new Zwick Roell ProLine 30kN Universal Test System.

This is a top of the range test instrument for measuring shear and peel resistance of different glues, sealants and adhesive tapes, when tested with a variety of plastics, metals and composite materials,

The instrument is fitted with the latest 30 kN wedge screw grips, and uses the XForce P load cells combined with the Zwick Roell testXpert II 3.61 software system.

The instrument is calibrated in accordance with BS EN ISO 7500-1:2004.

The addition of this equipment to the test laboratory, further advances our capabilities by allowing our engineers to carry our testing in accordance with the following Standards:

1. ASTM D 1002, 2010-Apparent Shear Strength of Single Lap Joint Adhesive Bonded Metal Specimens by Tension Loading.

2. ASTM D 1876, 2000-Determination of the Peel Resistance of Adhesives (T-Peel)

3. ASTM D 638 05/2008- Tensile Properties of Plastics

4. ASTM D 5868, 2001 (R2014)- Test Method for Lap Shear Adhesion of Fibre Reinforced Plastic Bonding.

The addition of this equipment to our test laboratories, reinforces our commitment to the manufacturing sector, to offer the best products and services available anywhere.

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