A Glue for Every Application!

Another interesting week in the world of glue in Ireland. Our technicians visited Scigrip Structural Adhesives to discuss a newly developed adhesive, with applications in bonding DCPD (dicyclopentadiene). DCPD is a thermosetting resins are widely used both commercial and industrial applications. Applications include body panels for cars, trucks, buses and all types of off-road equipment. DCPD is waterproof and highly resistant to acid, alkali and abrasive substances, making it ideal for wastewater treatment uses, sewage plants, pipeline valves, filters and more. The new adhesive, it’s name still to be confirmed, is sure to be a winner.

GlueOne enquiry came in to us early on Monday morning. A manufacturing company phoned us looking  looking for adhesive solutions. They wanted to bond a coil, mounted onto a printed circuit board, cover of a cover made from high impact polystyrene (HIPS). Although the electronic unit would not be exposed to the weather, it would be exposed to vibration. We suggested one of our two component adhesives and after we bonded the samples in the lab, the customer took them away. First thing on Tuesday morning, we received an email from the customer.

It stated ‘I hope you had a wonderful weekend, we certainly did as everything sticks! First of all I like to thank you for taking the time to explain everything to us as well as figuring out the right product”.

The next application was also interesting. A company manufacturing electricArm 1 motors contacted us. They had been using a well known mid strength threadlocker for some time. The materials in an armature changed and it was discovered that the incumbent retainer did not bond to vanadium steel. After some laboratory evaluation, we suggested our X185. This product is used as a cylindrical parts locking product. The product is designed for use in applications where the bonded assemblies need to be disassembled for maintenance or repair. With a maximum prevail torque of approximately 17N/mm², the X185 is the premium choice for a removable threadlocker and it has been written into the customers manufacturing.

A longstanding customer contacted us looking for a high performance hydraulic sealant to repair & recalibrate pneumatic meters which are used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

For this application, we suggested our X40 medium strength hydraulic thread sealing product. It is designed to give a fast low pressure seal.

X40 is designed for use in locking & sealing metal pipes, fittings, pins and collars. It prevents loosening & leakage due to shock and vibration. The product is ideal for hydraulic couplings, adaptors and pressure hoses.

Upon curing, and provided the components are assembled correctly and tightened, X40 can resist up to 350Bar.

(Customer supplied images & used with permission)