Using Glue in Ireland and need Technical Service?


Are you using glue in Ireland and need Technical Service?

Technical service… it something which glue users have had an abundance of?

Sadly, as we are too well aware, professional technical service is not something which many glue users in Ireland have access to.

If you are in the manufacturing sector and looking for a manufacturer and distributor of industrial glue, we are your supply partner.

Here at W.I Polymers, we manufacture and distribute a whole range of industrial glues and sealant products.

Why should you contact a me-too distributor or non-technical salesperson? Why should you go through the toil of receiving the incorrect product and the wrong advice?

We guarantee that bonding & sealing solutions will solve your most pressing problems. We will create new benefits for you, speeding up your processes, shortening your manufacturing times & meeting your performance demands.

Let us help you add new dimensions & create new opportunities for your business. We offer you value, flexibility and the knowledge to meet your needs. Use our expertise and our service to your advantage.