Gluing Magnets?

Wanting to glue magnets in Ireland? Considering the various types of materials used to manufacture magnets, and the environment in which the glued magnet will be used. It is vital to chose the correct adhesive.

For all aspects of magnet bonding, we offer premium  structural epoxy & acrylic adhesives, which offer cost effective solutions for magnet assembly applications. Both our epoxy and acrylic adhesives are solvent free, and are available in a variety working & cure times. They have quick set-up times and are designed to be easily dispensed through the standard application guns.

Both product types feature high strength properties and resist exposure to impact, vibration and shock. They cure at room temperature and exhibit high/low temperature serviceability.

Our adhesives are very commonly used for bonding ferrite, neodymium and alnico magnets and employed in a wide range of industries including:

  • Electric motor repair & maintenance.
  • Computer storage devices
  • Manufacturing microphones & speakers.
  • Manufacturing generators

For all magnet bonding applications, please contact our technical services laboratory for specific advice.