If The Glue Does Not Work??

We develop, manufacture and distribute the largest range of glues in Ireland and occasionally, we are told that ‘the glue does not work’. It’s its not often we hear that. After all, we are Ireland’s only research based manufacturer & distributor of industrial glue and we know glue like no other.

Our customers know that our product knowledge and technical services, are the best. However, when we hear ‘the glue does not work’, we always want to find out why!

ProblemFirst, we need to look at the problem. Typically, whatever the problem is, the results are typically seen in the form of bonded joints the strength of which is below that expected.

Several families of adhesives have characteristics which may appear as problems during a customer’s initial usage of them. Upon speaking with the customer, we ask him or her to go through the gluing process, from the initial opening of the adhesive container to the final bonding process. This gives us the opportunity to analyse the process, and try to determine what could be leading to defective joints.

Take for example the use of two component adhesives. Our advice is that upon opening a new cartridge, a small blob of the adhesive should be extruded before the mixer is attached. When the mixer is attached, the first 3 cm of the glue should be disposed of before actual gluing takes place. This is best practice. If this does not happen, it could lead to bond strengths that are lower than that expected. The deficiencies in bond strength may not be noticed until the bonded part is in service!

Staying for a moment with two component adhesives, if the working time (the approximate time after mixing, that the adhesive remains fluid & bondable) is exceeded, again the bond strengths will be below that expected.

Once we have looked closely at the problem, we can offer a solution. In the above instances, these are quite simple. Equalizing the cartridge before actual bonding, ensures that the A & B components are being extruded in the same volume. Like wise, if it longer thanĀ 3 minutes to apply the adhesive, there is no point in using an adhesive with a 2 minute working time.

Across all of the different adhesive chemistries, there is room for error. From you the customers point of view, it is important that your questions and concerns are answered in a thorough & concise, problem solving manner. That is the difference between doing business with a simple low-tech distributor & a technology based company like ourselves.