Resins for Potting & Encapsulating Electronics

The electronics sector in Ireland requires the most technologically advanced  glues and adhesive resins. These glues and adhesive resins play a very important role in the protection of delicate electronic components. As applications become increasingly demanding, the need for higher performing systems grows more critical. In certain applications, resins must have a range of properties including wide operating temperature range, excellent electrical properties, flexibility, UV resistance, chemical resistance and resistant to humidity and water. Silicone gels offer many of these characteristics. They are formulated to form a cured elastomers offering array of hardness properties, and offer the best environmental protection, in terms of water resistance and vibration resistance. Many new silicone technologies offer superb optical clarity, thus enabling their use in the fabrication of LED’s.

Automotive electronics has become a major user of silicone gels. As circuitry has become smaller and more complex, under bonnet applications which are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations and excessive vibration require protection. Silicone gel will not cause stress to components during the wide thermal cycles and by nature absorbs the unwanted vibration. The excellent electrical properties, dielectric strength and resistivity enable designers to use them with confidence.

One of the fastest growing development areas for silicone gel use is the LED lighting industry. LED’s are now used in the manufacture of full colour mega-screen displays, signage, display backlighting and for lighting in the automotive, architectural, industrial and domestic markets. Silicone gels are used within the manufacture of individual High Brightness LED’s for protection of the diode and to improve light transmission from the diode through the lens. As a packaging material the gel can be used to encapsulate and protect the completed lighting or display units. We now represent one of Europe’s leading formulators of two component silicone resins for potting & encapsulation, who offer a range of general purpose and speciality silicones which can fulfil most applications.

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