PVA Glue In Ireland.

Eco PVA Glue Ireland

Environmentally friendly PVA Glue in Ireland

The market in Ireland for all types of PVA glue is increasing. Actually, not only in Ireland but also throughout the world.

We already export our manufactured ECO PVA glues to several countries in Europe and even as far as China and the US. With the growth of this market, also comes the growth in the consumption of adhesive raw materials, the majority of which come from crude oil.

First of all, we are all very familiar with plastics. Plastic consists of carbon chains, to which some oxygen and hydrogen is added. The carbon in our plastics comes mainly from petroleum, crude oil. As the supply of oil diminishes, from what are we going to make our plastics?

Polymers which are not manufactured from the increasingly scarce resource of crude oil, are based on renewable materials, such as starch & cellulose. We refer to plastics made from renewable resources, as biopolymers. Biopolymers represent a very promising, sustainable alternative to petroleum based resources.

Glues and sealants also contain carbon and it is within this area, that we have been engaged in research for a number of years. As an example of this research, we have intense research programme’s in the area of new families of PVA adhesives based on starches and renewable oils.

We have developed prototype binders for bonding waste produces, which can be used as a source of fuel. We have also developed a platform technology for the use of natural waste products, in the manufacture of permanently sticky adhesives!

Using our unique research and manufacturing capabilities, special adhesives areECO PVA Glue Ireland available for coping with the most challenging environments, all of which are based on bio-acrylates, dextrine, starch, hybrid mixtures and casein. All of these materials are fully renewable and fully biodegradable. We are Ireland’s only manufacturer of ECO glues. Let our chemists show you the commercial, safety and above all, environmental benefits is using our biopolymer PVA’s for a host of applications.