Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup starts soon!

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Scigrip Glue for Boat Construction

The Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup starts soon! This is the gruelling 250 km staged boat race, in which highly customized vessels, powered only by solar panels, are pitted against each other.

In preparation for the race , which starts next month, the Scigrip Solar Boat has successfully achieved top speeds during sea trials. The newly modified, lightweight powerboat, took to the water at Gdynia Marina in Poland in relatively calm conditions, with a light offshore wind. The team were delighted with the boat’s performance and they achieved a top speed of 26 km/h!

To retain the competitive edge, the Scigrip Solar Team have carried out some very  cleverly thought out design changes, which include a number of unique, performance enhancing features. Of course, Scigrip cannot divulge too much information, but we can offer a glimpse into what makes this craft a true miracle of watercraft design.

Amongst these design modifications are light weight solar panels bonded to  a PVC foam and carbon fibre composite deck, which will both reduce weight on board and increase speed. A bonded drive system has also been assembled to aid the boat’s stability in rough waters and improve steering control for the skipper.

Combined with such an advanced design & the use of high-tech composite materials, the selection of the right adhesives was imperative. As the global leader in smart adhesive technology, several of Scigrip’s cutting edge primerless adhesives were used in the construction of the boat. As an example, the bulkheads, deck to hull joints, & beams, were all bonded with four different adhesive systems. Below is a list of what was used, an where….

Scigrip SG230 is a two component, 10:1 mix ratio high viscosity methyl methacrylate (MMA) structural adhesive. It is available in a range of optimised working times and was capable of bonding the largest and most demanding regions of the solar boat structure, such as the bulkheads and all of the hull joints.  Requiring minimal surface preparation, the product boasts excellent gap-filling properties and its unique flow & non sag properties allows for both horizontal and vertical application. Scigrip SG230 is available in either 490 ml cartridges or in bulk.

Scigrip SG5000 is an exceedingly high strength  two component 1:1 mix ratio MMA adhesive. The product is exceptionally user friendly and enables non-critical 1:1 mixing through either manual or automatic meter-mix dispensing equipment. It has proven ability to adhere to a very wide range of materials  including a host of metals, thermoplastics and composite materials . The product demonstrates truly excellent build-up of strength & delivers very rapid cure. Combined with excellent environmental resistance & resistance to oils and lubricants,  it requires minimal surface preparation. The SG5000 was used to assemble the engine column and hull joints. SG5000 is available in 490 ml cartridges or in bulk.

Scigrip SG600 is a two-component, 10:1 mix ratio adhesive, which was used to bondBoat 4 the complete front solar panel to the deck. The product exhibits a range of performance benefits including permanent toughness, combined with excellent fatigue, impact and shock resistance. SG600’s powerful and effective combination, of a very high tensile strength, combined with both high modulus and elongation, make it the ideal candidate for a very wide range of composite, metal and thermoplastic bonding applications. It’s primerless application, high flow  and non sag characteristics, facilitates application onto non-level surfaces. SG600 is available in 490 ml cartridges or in bulk.

Scigrip SG100 is a two-component 10:1 mix ratio structural adhesive. The product is bright white in colour and due to its unique formulation, strongly UV resistant. SG100  was used on the visible joints such as the Solar Boat’s side floats and upper deck regions. Scigrip SG100 is a tough primerless adhesives and requires the very minimal of surface preparation. Thanks to  the products unique non-sag handling characteristics, it is very easy to apply on both vertical and non-level surfaces. The product offers the marine sector the assurance of excellent fatigue, impact and shock load resistance. SG100 is available in 490 ml cartridges or in bulk

For applications requiring extreme ease of use, combined with the utmost performance requirements in terms of fatigue, impact & shock load resistance, Scigrip’s range of structural MMA adhesives, cannot be surpassed. Here at W.I Polymers, we are the sole stockist of the complete range of Scigrip structural adhesives. Our full applications laboratory, is available for all structural testing with customer supplied substrates. For all structural gluing applications, let us be your partner.

The SCIGRIP Solar Boat will be on its way to Monte Carlo in a few weeks’ time! More information will follow. All aboard!!